LED Flashlights

30 LED Camping Lantern

30 LED Indoor / Outdoor Lantern

Model# GG-113-30L

COB LED Pop up lantern

COB LED Pop-Up Lantern

Model# GG-113-CPOP

Rechargeable Campin lantern

30 LED Solar / Rechargeable Lantern

Model# GG-113-30LSPOP

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

4 LED Rechargeable

Model# GG-113-04RC

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

15 LED Rechargeable

Model# GG-113-15RC

GG-113-01-3T copy_White.png

3 Watt LED Tactical

Model# GG-113-01-3T

24 LED Flashlight

28 LED Professional

Model# GG-113-24SV/BK

3 Watt Flashlight

3 Watt OmegaBeam

Model# GG-113-3W3DBK

28 LED Flashlight

28 LED OmegaBeam

Model# GG-113-28BK


The Cyclops Worklight

Model# GG-113-CYWL

LED Headlight

3 Watt Multi Mode Head Light

Model# GG-113-3HLWH/BK

10 LED Headlight

10 LED Head Light

Model# GG-113-10HLBL/RD

COB LED Flashlight

COB LED Mini Flashlight

Model# GG-113-COB

COB LED Flashlight

The Ribbit Pocket Light - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-RDISP

Cree Flashlight

The BULL Led Flashlight


COB LED Flashlight

COB LED 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-COBD12

COB LED Flashlight

The Ribbit XL Pocket Light - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-RXLDISP

Flashlight Display

The Pad XL - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-PADXL

Switch light flashlight

The LiteSaver - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-SWLT

Switch light XL Flashlight

The LiteSaver XL - 8pc Display

Model# GG-113-SWLTXL

Handheld Worklight

COB LED Worklight - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-WLDISP

Switch light flashlight

The LiteSaver 2 - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-RSWLT

Switch light flashlight

The LiteSaver 2X - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-LS2X

Switch light timer flashlight

The LiteSaver 3 - 12pc display

Model# GG-113-LS3

Handheld Flashlight

The ARILITE - 12pc Display

Model# GG-113-ARILITE

Cabinet Flashlight

The Litebar - 8pc Display

Model# GG-113-LBAR

Cabinet Flashlight

The Litebar XL - 8pc Display

Model# GG-113-LBARXL

8 LED Handheld Flashlight

8 LED Pocket Light - Display

Model# GG-113-8PD12

Pocket flashlight

23 PAD - Flashlight Display

Model# GG-113-23PAD

Pocket Flashlight

The Ratchet - 8pc Display


Pocket Work light

Hercules - 8pc Display



Houdini - 8pc Display


Batteries . LED Flashlights . Extension Cords . Surge Protectors . Travel Products

Rechargeble Flashlight

12LED / 4LED Rechargeable

Model# GG-113-2ERC

Rechargeable Flashlight

4 LED Rechargeable

Model# GG-113-4BKER

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

12 LED Rechargeable

Model# GG-113-12BKER

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