Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times


It takes 100 years for a battery to fully decompose in a landfill


GoGreen Power is the first manufacturer to ever introduce a recycling program

Did you know?

Do I need to purchase any type of shipping materials?

No. We process all returns and will provide you with a USPS prepaid shipping label for a USPS flat rate box or envelope. Flat rate boxes and envelopes can be picked up at any United States Postal Office or ordered online at free of charge.

How many points do I need to collect to qualify for free recycling?

Residential: 75pts Commercial: 700pts

Why do I have to acquire all 75 points to return my items?

Each item is associated with a number of points, the total points correlates to the amount of items per return. In order to reduce our carbon footprint from shipping, it is imperative to maximize the amount of space in each box.

How does the point system work?

The points are based on weight and size of each item. It is essential for shipping, to calculate the different sizes and weights that will fit in each box. Your GoGreen Power code is associated with the correct amount of points.

How many points is each item worth?

Batteries: 2016 / 2025 / 2032 / LR44 - 5 24001 - 4 24002 - 3 24003 - 6 24004 - 12 24005 - 2 24013 - 36 24014 - 75 24015 - 25 24048 - 38 24049 - 38 21020 / 24011 - 24 21021 / 24012 - 20 Electrical - 25 Flashlights - 25 Surge Protectors - 25 Travel Products - 25

How will I receive my prepaid shipping label?

After you met the points needed, a prepaid shipping label will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

How much of the product is recycled?

100% of the item is fully broken down and recycled.

Where is my recycling code?

The recycling code is located on the retail package for the item. Typically on the back.


A simple way to recycle our products.

These days, communities and businesses alike are having the same discussion about how to balance their environmental goals with their budget ones. Now there's no need to worry. Simply participate in our 3 step program and help us