3 Watt OmegaBeam Headlight

Model# GG-113-3HLWH - White

Model# GG-113-3HLBK - Black

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Product Description


From walking at night time to helping you in the work room and everything in between, the GoGreen Power® 3 watt head light uses brightest white LED technology to deliver clear visibility whenever and wherever you need it. The light and compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere. It keeps your hands free and the adjustable strap offers an ideal fit for both adults and kids. The head light is made of premium quality materials to ensure long-lasting. The unit includes 3 AAA GoGreen Power batteries so it's ready to go right out of the package!

  • 3 modes: High beam, Low beam, Red blinker with Strobe

  • Adjustable elastic head band

  • Professional grade brightness

  • Energy efficient

  • Includes 3 AAA GoGreen Power batteries


815333017898 - White

815333017911 - Black

Battery chamber clip

Headlight tilt adjustment

Red Strobe feature

on/off button

Adjustable head band

3 Watt LED High Beam


How do I activate the batteries?

The head light comes pre loaded with 3 AAA batteries. In order to activate the batteries, remove plastic tab behind battery cover.

Is the bulb replaceable?

The bulb in this head light is not replaceable. We are happy to offer a free recycling program on all of our items. Please visit iRecycled.com to participate!

Is this head light waterproof?

The head light is water resistant not water proof. It should not be submerged under water. This item is okay to get wet by rain.

Product Specifications


28 LED Professional Flashlight

Model# GG-113-24BK

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