The LiteSaver XL 8pc Display

Model# GG-113-SWLTXL

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Product Description

Are you tired of those dark places in your home, office, car, and closet? Look no further then the GoGreen Power® LiteSaver XL. Now you can enjoy even brighter light when and where you need it. Mount anywhere with the 3M adhesive magnets or screw mount holes. Packing 400 lumens, the LiteSaver XL uses the all new COB LED technology and is powered by 4 AA GoGreen Power batteries (included). Simply remove the plastic tab to activate the batteries.

Screw mount holes


  • Perfect for bedrooms, closets, kitchens & utility areas

  • Double light switch

  • Mount anywhere with hook and loop adhesive strips, screw to wall method or magnetic connection

  • Works best with 4 AA GoGreen Power batteries (included)



COB LED Technology



Battery compartment

Remove tab to activate batteries


Why won't the flashlight work when I move the switch?

The batteries need to be activated. Pull the plastic tab on the back of the flashlight's battery compartment. This is a safety feature designed to preserve battery life.

How do I mount the unit?

There are 3 different ways you can mount this unit. 1. Screw mount option - drill a screw in the wall and hang the switch light via the screw hole. 2. 3M adhesive magnet strips - remove 3M adhesive from magnet strip and apply switch light to wall, pressing firmly for 30 seconds. 3. Using dual magnets

Does this item come in other colors?

No it does not. The only color available is White.

Product Specifications


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