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15 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Model# GG-113-15RC

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Product Description

The GoGreen Power® 15 LED Rechargeable flashlight uses brightest white LED technology and provides you with an excellent light source without ever replacing a bulb. The built-in retractable AC adapter means you can charge your flashlight without additional parts or cables. Simply plug the flashlight into any electrical outlet, and you'll be ready to go in no-time. The flashlight also includes a non rollable head and an easy-grip handle, making this flashlight a must have for all.


  • 12 hour charge lasts for 6 hours.

  • Charge by retractable AC adapter

  • Easy-grip handle

  • Water resistant

  • Energy efficient

  • No batteries needed!



Easy slide

on/off switch

Charging LED

Retractable charging adapter

15 LEDs




Product Specifications


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