30 LED Solar / Rechargeable Lantern

Model# GG-113-30LSPOP

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Product Description

Light up the evening sky with the GoGreen Power® 30 LED Solar/Rechargeable Lantern. Packed with options, choose to hold this collapsible lantern vertically with the top carrying handle or horizontally for the bonus spot light. Its omni-directional design and solar power technology yield a 360-degree output with long-lasting illuminance, which keeps the lantern a glow for hours. No sun? No problem - this lantern features optional power cord charging, so batteries are not required. Lastly, use the USB to charge mobile devices while on the go.


  • 30 high-intensity LEDs

  • Easy-grip carrying handle

  • USB mobile charging outlet

  • Solar powered - 10hr full charge

  • Power cord for alternate charging option

  • No batteries needed!






Micro USB port

(Use the provided cable to charge the lantern)

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Solar panel

Handheld spot light

Collapsible lantern

Brightest white LED technology


How can I charge the lantern?

This lantern can be charged with its included USB cable or with solar power. For solar recharging, place lantern in direct sun light. The solar lantern comes with a built-in 1200mah battery that takes 10 hours for the sun to fully charge. To charge the lantern with the provided usb cable, insert the micro usb male end into the micro usb female end located on the lantern.

Does this lantern have a USB port?

Yes, with the provided USB port one can simply use any usb cable to charge a cell phone, battery pack, headphones, etc.

Is the carrying handle adjustable?

The rubber strap handle provides options for use as a standing lantern or handheld spot light.

Product Specifications


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The LED Pop-Up Solar Latern will require

a full charge before use. Due to the

lantern being in the open position, it

depletes the charge.

Please charge for the following time:

Solar Charge: 10-12 hours

Power Cord: 4 hours


LSPOP-1-1_edited copy.png

USB port

(Used to charge cell phones, battery packs, headphones, etc,)