2000W Voltage


Model# TR192000 - White

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Product Description

Nothing says "I'm a stranger in a strange land" better than the inability to plug in basic handheld electronics and personal accessories while traveling overseas. So instead of practically writing "Tourist" on your forehead with a magic marker, show the natives that you know how to handle yourself with this 2000-watt Travel Converter.

This fantastic device converts 200/240V AC into 110/120V AC, keeping you powered up no matter where your travels may lead you. And with a convenient high/low voltage selection, you can make sure you're drawing just enough juice to get the job done while staying safe.


  • Converts 200v/240v foreign electricity to 110v/120v

  • High-low selector switch

  • Low setting: 0-50 for shavers, cell phones, cameras & battery chargers

  • High setting: 51-2000w for hair dryers, irons, etc.


815333018895 - White


Foreign adapter

High-low switch

AC Plug input


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