Travel Voltage Adapter Kit

Model# TR19165-5 - White

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Product Description

Nothing says "I'm a stranger in a strange land" better than the inability to plug in basic handheld electronics and personal accessories while traveling overseas. So instead of practically writing "Tourist" on your forehead with a magic marker, show the natives that you know how to handle yourself with these world wide travel adapters. These fantastic devices allow you to use your electronics anywhere in the world, keeping you powered up no matter where your travels may lead you.


UK, Hong Kong, Africa, Ireland & Singapore

Middle East, South America, Asia & Europe

  • Perfect for use with laptops, cell phones, USB chargers, hair dryers, curling irons, etc. 

  • Provides safe operation to U.S appliances while overseas

  • Kit includes 5 adapters​ and free carrying pouch



815333018826 - White


North & South America, Japan & Caribbean

India, Parts of South Africa & Hong Kong

Australia, Fiji, China & New Zealand


Does this come with a carrying pouch?


How many adapters come in the kit?


Does this kit come with a converter?

No, for the full travel kit with converter, please see item TR19165

Product Specifications


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