50-Watt Step Up

Travel Converter

Model# TR19051 - Black

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Product Description

Call all foreigners! Don't depart the country without this 50-watt step up travel converter. This fantastic device is to be used in the United States and converts all foreign 220/240V products to work on 110/220V U.S. electricity. The step-up converter is the safest way to charge your small electronics on a daily basis.

Make sure your camera is charged up with this converter so you don't miss any memories while visiting the states! DANGER: Do not exceed 50 watts into this converter


  • Converts 200/240 volt foreign electricity to 110/120 volt U.S. electricity

  • Long-term use with appliances rated at 0-35 watts.

  • Short-term use with appliances rated at 31-50 watts. 

  • Safe for battery chargers, cameras, smartphones, cell phones, electric shavers and other devices up to 50 watts. 




U.S. adapter

AC Plug input


Will this work overseas?

No, this works in the United States. TR19050 is the converter to use overseas.

Can I use this to charge my camera?


What is the maximum wattage?

50 watts.

Product Specifications


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