50-Watt Step Down

Travel Converter

Model# TR19050 - Black

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Product Description

Nothing says "I'm a stranger in a strange land" better than the inability to plug in basic handheld electronics and personal accessories while traveling overseas. So instead of practically writing "Tourist" on your forehead with a magic marker, show the natives that you know how to handle yourself with this 50-Watt Step Down Travel Converter.

This fantastic device converts 220 volt down to 120 volts, which enables the use of US products in foreign countries, keeping you powered up no matter where your travels may lead you. DANGER: Do not exceed 50 watts into this converter.


  • Converts 110/120 volt U.S. appliances to work on 220/240 volt foreign electricity. 

  • Long-term use with appliances rated at 0-35 watts.

  • Short-term use with appliances rated at 31-50 watts. 

  • Safe for battery chargers, cameras, smartphones, cell phones, electric shavers and other devices up to 50 watts. 




Foreign adapter

AC Plug input


Is this for use in the United States or overseas?

This converter would be used when traveling overseas.

Can I use my hair dryer with this converter?

No, this converter is ideal for small devices that do not exceed 50 watts. For a converter compatible with a hair dryer, see TR192000

Can I charge my cell phone with this converter?

Yes you can.

Product Specifications


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