Anybody who owns an older house knows the struggle of 2-prong outlets. Most modern appliances have 3-prong plugs, but older homes simply don't feature too many of these outlets. Upgrading your entire electrical system can be pricey, or you can simply check out this small, but brilliant solution.

This Grounding Adapter Plug swiftly and safely converts 2-prong outlets into 3-prong outlets. Each plug can handle up to 15 amps and 1875 watts which is enough to power most household appliances and devices.

Stop shuffling use of 3-prong appliances in one outlet and open up some mobility in your home.

Grounding Adapter Plug

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Product Description


  • Converts 2-prong plug to 3-prong plug

  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 Watts)

  • Heavy duty structure

  • CUL Listed 

  • Indoor use only



grounded plug

2-prong male end 

Heavy duty 

molded vinyl 

California Prop 65 Warning: This products contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling the product.


Can I use two of these in each wall outlet at the same time?


Can this be used outdoors?

No, indoor use only.

What would I need this adapter for?

If you have an electrical item that has a 3-prong plug and your wall outlet only takes 2-prong plugs.

Product Specifications


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