6 Outlet Metal Surge protector

Model# GG-26114

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Product Description

Environmental awareness meets peak performance in the GoGreen Power® 6-outlet metal surge protector. Providing 4 standard outlets, 2 large adapters, and sporting compatibility with any of the most valuable electronic devices, enjoy the benefits that keep on giving with this 100% recyclable product. With 250 joules of protection and a 15 amp circuit breaker, we're sure to keep even the most valuable electronics safe from unexpected spikes.

A 6-foot power cord helps to ensure an extra outlet available wherever needed, while a built-in indicator light confirms operation so that customers can be sure that an errant electrical surge won't turn their high-end devices into expensive paperweights. The lifetime warranty and free customer recycling program at iRecycled.com distinguish GoGreen as the leading lifestyle brand in the consumer electronics space. Leave your supplier troubles behind and join the recycling revolution today. The planet needs us all to GoGreen together! 


  • Protects electronics during a power outage, including computers, lights, appliances and home theater

  • 4 standard outlets and 2 large adapters

  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)

  • 250 joules of protection

  • Indicator light confirms operation

  • 6-foot cord

  • Right-angle plug

  • Heavy duty metal case



Mounting bracket

Large adapter

Standard outlets

All outlets accept polarized plugs

Right angle plug

6 foot power cord

On / off rocker switch

Metal structure


Can I use large adapters in the small adapter spaces?

Yes. You can use small plugs in the large adapters adapters as well. The large adapters are spaced out so you can use large and small plugs simultaneosly.

Is this item grounded?

Yes. The surge protector is fully grounded by a 14/3 power cord.

Why doesn't this have a straight plug?

A right angle plug is included on the surge protectors as a space saver. Also, so wire and plugs to not bend when pertruding from the wall.

Product Specifications


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