7 Outlet Surge Protector

Model# GG-17636/BK

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Product Description


  • Protects electronics during a power outage

  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)

  • 1200 joules of protection


  • 6-foot cord

  • Indicator lights

  • Right-angle plug

  • Heavy duty structure


815333016440 - White

Industry-leading environmental awareness meets top-flight performance in the GoGreen Power® 7-outlet surge protector. Packed with 1,200 joules of protection, a 15 amp circuit breaker, EMI/RFI filters, and an on/off indicator switch, this surge protector offers everything needed to keep the most valuable electronics safe from power spikes, from computers to theater systems.

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Right angle plug

Lighted on/off rocker switch

Accepts all polarized plugs

Heavy duty structure

Surge / Grounded indicator lights

6-foot cord

14/3 gauge cord


Does this item take large and small plugs?

Yes. There are two outlets that will accept large and small plugs.

Is this surge protector grounded?

Yes. All outlets are grounded.

Can I use this item outside?

No. This item is for indoor use only.

Product Specifications


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