6 Outlet Surge Protector 

12ft Cord

Model# GG-16103M-12 - White

Model# GG-16103M-12BK - Black

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Product Description

Sometimes you just need something a bit more heavy-duty to protect your computers, video game systems, televisions, and home appliances. Thankfully, the 6-Outlet Surge Protector has you covered with room to spare.

With the GoGreen Power® 6-Outlet Surge Protector, you'll have peace of mind knowing this 15 amp, 1875 watt circuit breaker is hard at work providing 250 joules of simultaneous protection for six adapters at once, making it a perfect defense against whatever Mother Nature throws your way. With an active indicator light to confirm operation, the 6-Outlet Surge Protector should be a standard feature in every room in your home.

With a right-angle plug and extra-long twelve-foot cord, the GoGreen 6-Outlet Surge Protector implements the environmentally-friendly design of all GoGreen products with high-end performance and efficiency for any situation.



  • Protects electronics during a power outage, including computers, lights, appliances, home theater equipment and more

  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)

  • 250 joules surge protection

  • Indicator light confirms operation

  • 12-foot cord

  • Right angle plug

  • Heavy duty case and cord


815333016457 - White

815333017492 - Black

Accepts polarized plugs

14/3 gauge wire

12ft cord exposed

Right angle plug

Total of 6 outlets

Heavy duty structure

Lighted Rocker Switch


What are joules?

Joules is the rating of protection given for the surge protector. The higher the rating, them more protection it will provide.

Is this item UL or ETL?

Yes. This item is cUL certified / listed.

Is this item resettable?

Yes. There is a green on/off rocker switch.

Product Specifications


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