6 Outlet Swivel Wall Tap

Model# GG-16000TSW

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Product Description

The GoGreen Power® Swivel Wall Tap features 6 outlets conveniently designed to fit behind furniture and appliances. The electrical tap is perfect for use with larger electronics such as computers, printers, smartphones, tablets and theater systems. The unit can be placed in any duplex outlet quickly converting two outlets into 6 outlets. The Swivel wall tap also comes with 1000 Joules of protection (please see model# GG-16310TSW). 


  • Converts two outlets into six

  • 3 Outlets on right side swivel

  • Saves space when using against furniture

  • Plug into any 3-prong duplex outlet

  • Heavy duty structure

  • Perfect for computers, lights, appliances, home theater and more.


815333018710 - White

3 stationary outlets

Reinforced plastic structure

3 Outlets swivel

Grounding adapter


Does this item have surge protection?

No. This will convert 2 outlets to six outlets. The same item is carried with 1000 joules of protection. Model # 16310TSW

How far does the plug come away from the wall?

When this unit is plugged in, It will stick out 1.25".

Does this item come with a warranty?

A 1 year manufacturer defect warranty is offered on this item.

Product Specifications


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