The Ribbit Pocket Light

12pc display

Model# GG-113-RDISP

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Product Description

  • COB LED Technology

  • Brightest White LED Technology

  • Rotating Magnet Clip

  • Water Resistant

  • Energy Efficient

  • Includes 3 AAA GoGreen batteries



The GoGreen Power® Ribbit is a portable COB LED pocket light packing 100 lumens.  The Ribbit pocket light features a durable rubberized plastic construction with a matte texture finish.  The rotating clip on the Ribbit is magnetic, providing portability, convenience and allows for hands free operations. Be sure to check out The Ribbit's big brother, The Ribbit XL!

COB LED Technology

Rubberized Matte Finish

Magentic Rotating Clip

Removable twist cap for batteries 

On / off button



Why won't the flashlight turn on when I press the on/off button?

The batteries need to be activated. Twist the cap on the base of the light and remove the circular plastic tab. This is a safety feature designed to preserve battery life.

Are batteries included?

Yes! 3 AAA GoGreen batteries are included.

Does this flashlight come in any other colors?

Red, Black, Green and Blue are the available colors and each come in a display box of 12 pieces.

Product Specifications


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