6pc Display

Model# GG-113-ARILITE

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Product Description



  • COB LED Multifunctional flashlight

  • Magnetic base

  • Zoom focus feature

  • Bendable flashlight head

  • Red strobe warning light

  • Includes 4 AAA GoGreen batteries



The ARILITE, made by GoGreen Power is a COB LED multifunctional flashlight that is extremely unique.  The flashlight has a zoom focus option, allowing a narrow or wider beam of light depending on what your focusing on.  The flashlight head is bendable, as far as 90°. As a secondary function, there are handy COB LED work lights on each side of the flashlight handle including red strobe warning/emergency lights.  The ARILITE features a matte-finish heavy duty aluminum housing and comes with 4 AAA batteries. 

Zoom Focus


COB LED dual work lights located on side






Matte-finish heavy duty aluminum housing

Bendable head up to 90°

Why won't the flashlight turn on when I press the on/off button?

The batteries need to be activated. Twist the cap on the base of the light and remove the circular plastic tab. This is a safety feature designed to preserve battery life.

Does this flashlight come in different color options?

No it does not. The only color is Black.

How do I activate the red strobe warning/emergency light?

Press the on/off button three times and you will activate the double sided red strobe warning/emergency light. Pressing the on/off button once will turn on the main flashlight/ Pressing the on/off button twice will turn on the dual work lights, located on the handle of the flashlight.

Product Specifications


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