30 LED Indoor/Outdoor Lantern

Model# GG-113-30L

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Product Description

The GoGreen Power® 30 LED indoor/outdoor lantern allows you to light up the evening sky with the turn of the 7-tier dimmer. Using it's omni-directional design and its LED technology, it yields a 360-degree output with long-lasting illuminance. The low power consumption allows you to keep the lantern a glow for hours. The lantern also includes a built-in compass for navigation while in the outdoors.


  • 30 High-intensity LEDs

  • 7-tier dimmer

  • Built-in compass

  • Easy-grip carrying handle

  • Water Resistant

  • Works best with 3D GoGreen batteries (not included)




battery base

7-tier dimmer switch

Built-in compass

Easy-grip carrying handle

360 degree output

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Can you adjust the brightness of this lantern?

This lantern comes with a 7-tier dimmer switch that allows you to dim the brightness and maximize the brightness

What are the power requirements for this item?

This item is fully powered by 3 D batteries (not included).

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Certainly. You cannot charge the batteries in this lantern. The batteries can be charged by a battery charger and then placed in this item.

Product Specifications


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