Analog Luggage Scale

Model# TR1300BK

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Product Description

Easy to use for any traveler, the analog travel scale from GoGreen Power lets you measure and weigh your luggage easily and conveniently. It operates without batteries or electricity, so you can use it anywhere you go. Whether you're in a remote mountain cabin, a chic Parisian hotel, or your own living room, you can make sure you won't have to pay extra for a heavy bag. 

The easy-to-read analog display shows a bag's weight in kilograms and pounds, a must for the world traveler. Just attach your luggage using the hanging metal hook and watch the black needle indicate the bag's exact weight. The scale weighs bags up to 80 pounds and includes a measure tap, so that you can walk up to the gate with confidence that your carry-on will fit into the airline's sizer.


  • Quickly weigh your luggage to help avoid additional fees

  • Easy to read analog display

  • No batteries required

  • Compact for easy storage

  • Weighs bags up to 80lbs

  • Measuring tape included

  • Black needle moves and holds where weight was measured


815333018581 - Black

Metal foldable hook


80lb max

Black needle holds weight where measured

Reinforced plastic structure

Built-in measuring tape


Foldable handle



Do you have to hold the luggage off the ground?

Yes. After the hook is placed on the luggage, you will need to lift the handle of the luggage scale until the luggage is lifted off the floor. At that point, the black weight holding needle would have moved to the position of what the luggage weighs. You can lower the bag then.

Why are there two pins?

When you weigh an item, the black hand stays at the weight, while the red hand returns to 0 when finished.

Do you need batteries for this scale?

No. It's strictly analog.

Is there a back light on the display


Product Specifications


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