5 Outlet Surge Protector

Model# GG-5OCT

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Product Description

As customers demand solutions that make their lives better while also making the world a better place, GoGreen Power® is proud to offer a lineup of 100% recyclable premium quality products that appeal to nature lovers and tech junkies alike. Our sleek and eco-friendly 5-outlet surge protector offers 250 joules of protection to go along with a 15 amp circuit breaker, ensuring that the most valuable of electronic devices, from computers to home theater systems, are kept safe from random power spikes.

A compact 3-foot power cord helps minimize clutter and prevent tangled cords, while a built-in indicator light confirms operation so that customers can be sure that an errant electrical surge won't turn their high-end devices into expensive paperweights. Lifetime warranty and a free customer recycling program at iRecycled.com seal the deal, marking GoGreen as a lifestyle brand to be reckoned with in the consumer electronics space.

Leave your supplier troubles behind and join the recycling revolution today. The planet needs us all to GoGreen together.



  • Protects electronics during a power outage, including computers, lights, appliances, home theater equipment and more

  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)

  • 250 joules of protection

  • Indicator light confirms operation

  • 3-foot cord

  • Right-angle plug

  • Heavy duty case and cord

3 foot


Right angle plug

5 Individual plugs

On/off power switch

Surge indicator light

14/3 gauge wire


Does this surge protector have a reset button?

Yes. It is used by the on / off button.

What material is this surge protector made off?


Do the outlet accept polarized plugs?

Yes. All 5 outlets accept polarized plugs.

Product Specifications


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