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The Lite Bar XL

8pc Display

Model# GG-113-LBARXL


The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year.


Product Description

The GoGreen Power® Lite Bar XL is great for bedrooms, closets, kitchens, offices and utility areas. The Lite Bar is the perfect low-cost solution to under the cabinet lighting in your kitchen or your office with overhead desk cabinets! The included 3M adhesive metal plate provides a strong and durable connection and creates a super easy-to-remove Lite Bar, if ever needed to be moved or for convenient battery replacement. Packing 300 lumens, the Lite Bar features a high and low beam function.  Use the low beam setting under your kitchen cabinets at night for a peaceful ambiance! 


On/off button

Metal casing

COB LED Technology

Battery Compartment

3M adhesive magnet

Screw to wall

  • Perfect for bedrooms, closets, kitchens & utility areas

  • Mount anywhere with 3M adhesive magnet plate and screw to wall method

  • Works best with 4 AAA GoGreen batteries (included)

  • Dual high and low beam functions




  • Can you adjust the brightness of the light?
    This item does not have an adjusting knob, but you can adjust light output by pushing down the lantern slightly. To allow maxium light ouput, pull the lantern all the way up.
  • What are the power requirements for this item?
    This item is fully powered by 3 AA batteries.
  • Can I use rechargeable batteries for this item?
    Certainly. You cannot charge the batteries in this lantern. The batteries can be charged by a battery charger and then placed in this item.

Product Specifications

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