Swivel Tap

Model# GG-03420T - Tan

Model# GG-03420W - White

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Product Description

The GoGreen Power® 3-Outlet swivel adapter quickly converts 1 grounded outlet into three. The swivel function allows you to point the plugs up, down or to the front. Whichever works best for you. Additionally, the swivel adapter reduces over 50% of the space when used behind furniture, bringing your furniture closer to the wall without damaging, bending, or forcing any connected wires. All three outlets are grounded for your protection and unit is cETL certified. 


  • Converts one outlet into three

  • Swivel feature hugs the cord close to the wall

  • saves space when using against furniture

  • Plug into any 3-prong duplex outlet

  • Heavy duty structure


815333017850 - Tan

815333017867 - White

Swivel Mechanism

Grounding prong

Heavy duty 


Accepts polarized plugs

3 Grounded outlets


When plugged in and faced down, how far from the wall does it come?

1.75 inches

How do I know how many small appliances can be used with one outlet?

You should only be using items for 15amp.

Will two of these fit in the same dual outlet?

Yes. You can fit one on top of the other for this item.

Product Specifications


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