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Alkaline Batteries

AAA 24pk

Model# 24012

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: Manufacturer warrants that Power By GoGreen® alkaline batteries are free from defects

in manufacture, material and workmanship when handled properly; the batteries will not damage your equipment or GoGreen Power, Inc. will replace it.


Product Description

The GoGreen Power® AAA Alkaline 24pk  is a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers. GoGreen makes the world's first batteries with no toxic lead, cadmium, or mercury. We need batteries to power critical devices in our lives from TV remotes to the kids' favorite toys but disposing of them in a landfill is bad for the environment. As they break down, they can leach chemicals into groundwater and release known carcinogens.

Thanks to GoGreen's sustainable advancements, you can feel better about buying the batteries you need. These AAA batteries have a lifespan and performance comparable to the top brands on the market but with a green mindset. GoGreen fully funds a recycling program so you can send back exhausted GoGreen batteries rather then trashing them. Visit to participate! Use GoGreen batteries for a greener battery for a better tomorrow.


Product Specifications

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