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Surge Protectors

Using Surge Protectors and Recyclable Surge Protectors to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going green doesn't have to mean investing in large scale upgrades to your home or big changes in your daily routine. The use and production of electricity has a huge impact on our collective carbon footprint. By controlling the way you use electrical power, you can decrease your household's burden on the planet's finite resources. Surge protectors and recyclable surge protectors are two tools that can help you achieve a more Earth-friendly home.
Surge protectors are designed to regulate the amount of electricity that passes between outlets and the devices that are plugged into it. The primary purpose is to keep sudden surges of current from destroying delicate electrical components. Using surge protectors in areas that routinely experience problems with current flow reduces the number of broken and ruined electrical devices, which means less trash in landfills. Since surges of electricity can also cause fires, using a protector also reduces the likelihood of structure fires that cause widespread damage to property and the surrounding environment.
Disposing of an outdated or damaged surge protector is also a burden on the environment. When buried, these items can slowly leech heavy metals and other chemicals into the soil and water, leaving toxins that can last for generations. As these devices slowly break down, they can deposit their components deep into the earth until it reaches underground water tables that supply our drinking water and support other types of life. Since most water tables connect to other bodies of water, pollutants can also reach rivers, lakes, and even oceans to compromise the health of aquatic life as well. By using recyclable surge protectors in your NJ home, you can avoid adding harmful substances to the land and water tables that often surround garbage disposal sites.
Find surge protectors and recyclable surge protectors for your Howell Township lifestyle at GoGreen Power.

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