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Recyclable Extension Cords

5 Reasons to Buy Your Recyclable Power Cords and Recyclable Extension Cords from GoGreen Power

Preserving a fair share of natural resources for the next generation doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort and utility in the present. Substitute your older electrical items for recyclable versions to upgrade your eco status with zero stress. GoGreen Power is your source for eco-friendly electrical accessories, components, and batteries in the Howell Township area.


Power cords are an often overlooked element in the transition from traditional to Earth-conscious living. Choosing a recyclable version of these items is an easy way to keep your home from contributing more than necessary to pollution. While there are many companies on the internet and in NJ that offer Earth-conscious products, there are some important perks to choosing GoGreen Power to supply your recyclable extension cords and recyclable power cords.


  • Variety. Don't settle for something that doesn't fit your needs. GoGreen Power's online catalog of recyclable extension cords includes a wide range of options, including different numbers of outlets, cord lengths, colors, and design styles.

  • All-in-one shop. Chances are that you'll need different cords for different areas of your home or business. Instead of chasing the right equipment down one-by-one, find everything you need to power all of your plug-in electronics in GoGreen Power's online catalog. From lighted heavy-duty to cords specifically designed for stoves and clothes dryers, this selection has everything you need to keep your electronics connected.

  • Lights too! If you're looking to supply the electrical needs on a construction site, good lighting is just as important as having somewhere to plug in your power tools. GoGreen Power offers a variety of heavy-duty lighting options like clamp lights, GFCI, and drop lights. Their inventory also contains more personal-sized lighting options like flashlights and headlamps.

  • Buy here, recycle here. Skip the frenzied stress of finding a municipal or private recycling facility to take your used equipment. When you buy recyclable extension cords and recyclable power cords from GoGreen Power, you earn points that can be redeemed for free recycling services. The easy-to-navigate process can be done right from the comfort of your desktop, laptops, or other printer-capable devices.

  • More than just cords. Of course, going green means more than replacing power and extension cords. GoGreen Power carries recyclable electrical items and accessories that take the sting out of going green. From batteries to travel irons, their online catalog is a great resource for those who value modern conveniences that also support a more sustainable lifestyle.


When you send your recyclable extension cords and recyclable power cords to GoGreen Power, 100% of the product is reused. That means absolutely nothing goes into our landfills. How can GoGreen Power lighten your load on the planet's natural resources? Browse the online catalog for more ideas.

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