GoGreen Power's portable tri-tap ground fault circuit interrupter can help prevent the user from being electrocuted. If a person's body starts to receive a shock while they're using this interrupter, it will detect this and cuts off the power supply before they can be seriously injured. This GFCI includes an extremely well-made, constructor grade 3-outlet plug along with a 2ft cord that all conforms to ETL listing requirements. The test and use feature lets you know when it's safe to use, providing a visual indicator light. Simply press the TEST button, the indicator light should be off; press the RESET button, the light should be on - indicating that's it's safe for usage.

Portable Tri-tap Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI)

SKU: GG-12402
    • 3 grounded outlets
    • Built-in ground fault interrupter
    • Contractor grade
    • Test and use; keep connecting, press the test button, the indicator light should be off, press the RESET button, the light should be on
    • ETL listed
    • For indoor and outdoor use

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