When you hear the phrase "pain in the neck," there are many possible meanings. But without a doubt, the worst interpretation of a pain in the neck is the literal one. Now all of the stiffness and soreness involved with travel can be a thing of the past with your new favorite traveling companion - the Memory Foam Neck Pillow.

Choose from one of three colors (black, gray, and red) and be prepared for the friendly skies to be a whole lot friendlier. This travel pillow is stuffed with a premium memory foam filling, making it lightweight enough to toss into your carry-on, purse, or briefcase without even realizing you're carrying anything extra. 

And while the memory foam neck pillow is compact and easy to take along with you, it's portability is just the beginning of the benefits it offers. You (and your neck) can rest assured knowing the real benefits become apparent the first time you settle into your seat. Your fellow passengers will look at you in astonishment as your amazing pillow does all the work to keep you comfortable and relaxed on even the longest flights. The memory foam pillow is designed to be incredibly soft and cozy, allowing your neck to sink into comfort. 

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

    • Spandex material cover

    • Premium memory foam

    • Light weight for travel purposes

    • Removable slip w/ zipper closure

    • Snap button for storage purposes

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