8' 3 Outlet Household Grounded Ext. Cord
Have you ever attempted to plug in your brand new lamp on your night stand to realize the plug doesn't reach your outlet? GoGreen's 3-Outlet Extension Cord is exactly what you need to solve that issue! Perfect for devices such as lamps, phone chargers, fans, heaters, and many other electronics. Rated at 125 Volts, this cord can be plugged into a standard 3-prong 120V AC outlet. The 16 gauge kink-free cord is safe and reliable, providing superb insulation. Available in 8 and 15-foot variants, both extension cords provide a nifty right angle plug which can be plugged in behind couches, tables, dressers, etc.

8' 3 Outlet Household Grounded Ext. Cord

SKU: GG-19608
    • 3- Outlets - double sided

    • Kink free cord

    • Right angle plug

    • 16 gauge

    • ETL Listed

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