3 Digit Combo Lock

We all worry about the security of our personal belongings when we travel, but how can you make sure that the items you bring with you are safe? The TR1120 luggage lock is a simple and effective way to secure your gear when you're on the go. The three-digit combo lock is easy to set with hundreds of possible codes, and heavy-duty reinforced construction means that it will stay shut until you've reached your destination.

It's also TSA approved, so there's no danger of damage to the lock, or your bag, in the event of a random luggage check. The TSA's master keys will open the lock safely for any required inspections. The generously sized lock works perfectly on a wide range of luggage zippers, from duffels and backpacks, to rolling carry-ons and even oversized suitcases. It also comes in an array of colors to help you easily distinguish your gear from the other bags at the luggage carousel.

3 Digit Combo Lock

    • Great for luggage, backpacks, small cabinets and much more

    • TSA approved

    • Hundreds of combinations

    • Numbers are easy to maneuver, reset and set your own preferred combination

    • Re-lock technology

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