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The Cyclops

6 Outlet Wall Tap w/ USB

Alkaline AA 48pk


These days, communities and businesses alike are having the same discussion about how to balance their environmental goals with their budget ones. Now there's no need to worry. Simply participate in our 3 step program and help us



  • 300 Lumens

  • COB LED Technology

  • Premium magnetic base

  • Emergency window breaker

  • Red Blinking emergency light

  • Emergency seatbelt cutter

  • Include 3 AA batteries

No more worry. Protect all electronics with the simple push of a plug




“I live in Santa Rosa, California. In the middle of the wildfires at 2:30AM, the fire department called and said "Get out, the fire is barreling down the mountain towards your home". I had bought my father the GoGreen Power switch light because he is a gadget man. Well those light switches saved our lives allowing us to have light in our home for a full week with no power. A big thank you from my family!"

-F.B Santa Rosa, California

“Recently bought on of your competitors 25ft 14/3 ext cord. Under even 12 amp load, both ends got very warm and hotter over the days. Before it fatigued enough to cause a fire, I replaced it with one of yours. Under the same load, happy to say yours was barely even noticeably warm even after hours. The bright orange color is a plus also! Great cord and highly recommend!"

-K.H Key West, Florida

“I have several of your awesome LED head lights, which we keep for emergencies around the house as well as in our travel bags. Love youre products. They have traveled the world with us!"

-Kelly K. Gresham, California